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The world has come to a standstill, businesses are down and the global economy has plummeted due to a recent outbreak of the Covid19 virus.

The Chinese government has claimed that the virus was from seafood and has eventually closed down some markets. The government of other nations have repeatedly pointed accusing fingers at the Chinese government, indicting it of being the mastermind behind the outbreak of the virus. They alleged that China has created the virus as a biological weapon for economic advantage.

There are petitions and claims flying here and there – all against China. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, refers to this virus as a “Chinese virus”. The world is in total chaos and seems to have been caught unaware by the virus.

In Africa, where the majority of the people are uneducated and poor, the effect of the coronavirus has been so damaging that it has resulted in starvation for many. The damaging effects have snowballed into riots, robberies and Gangsterism. This is heavily a part of Nigeria’s narrative.

Some Nigerians do not see the need to be locked up in their homes starving, they would rather risk contracting the deadly virus.

Some government officials have seen the pandemic as an avenue to loot the commonwealth, confirming the fact that integrity and patriotism are scarce commodities rarely seen in public officeholders.

Big brothers, philanthropist and big economic players made massive donations to the Federal Government; a move the people consider business insurance or political romance. Many have opined that these donors shouldn’t have donated to the federal government but should have directed it to the people if truly they wanted to help. Perhaps, this action of theirs is a further confirmation of the indifference to the plight of the people by this class of persons who are the beneficiaries of the commonwealth of the country.

The pandemic came with an unprecedented change in how things are done. People and businesses world over are adjusting to the new reality. Our world has never been this digital. The atmosphere became so sophisticated to a point that some religious institutions are conducting services and obtaining offerings online. It is the hope of everyone that the department of miracles and prophecies would catch up with this newfangled innovation. The education sector has refused to be left out as we now hear of online or virtual classes. We want to believe that we are now ready to embrace technology in our educational sector and moved past the stage of “chalks and tiger batteries board”

More realistically, the price of our most valuable precious liquid “petrol” is fast heading for the negative and for a country that is overly dependent on this “liquid gold”, we are in for the long ride. I hope this is an opportunity to sincerely diversify the economy and not the pretentious step we’ve been taking. The Agricultural sector like the biblical Lazarus can be resurrected; but for there to be an all-round success in this sector, the herdsmen-farmers clash menacing the sector must be addressed in all sincerity and if this is done, laying claim to the national treasure under the spirit of “our oil, our oil” would become a thing of past. The new mantra may shift to “my farm, my future” for if there is peace, there would be nothing to avenge but things to harvest and the crocodiles of the Niger Delta won’t be crying foul neither would their pythons dance. If reforms are made, humans and animals in Nigeria would have peace of mind and flying accusations of serpents swallowing funds and monkeys mistaking millions for bananas would be a thing of the past.

This and much more can be achieved with the right leadership. In that regards, People with good credentials should be nominated to contest for elective positions. There are lots of Nigerians that are making a positive impact on society and can be relied on to lead state affairs, the habit of recycling leaders has brought nothing but national embarrassment and regret.


  1. I agree with the author 100%. The Nigerian system is a shame that is blind to changes. With what is going on, I don’t think Nigeria will one day be a better nation.

  2. People with good credentials be allowed to contest for elective positions is not the solution. All Honourable members of both Houses of the National Assembly have good credentials so also with the appointed ministers of the Federation.It is a systemic problem,and it requires aggressive attention.

  3. Great.
    We need a total rehabilitation of mindset in Nigeria and this will inturn change our priorities and boom we can start building the country. But if the mindset doesnt change then i fear nothing great will come out of Nigeria

    • You have said it all Mr. It is high time the Nigerian state come up with changes that can impact sudden growth.

  4. Permit me to comment on your last paragraph. At this stage all I can see is the disadvantage of democracy which is currently displayed in Nigeria, whereby the qualified and educated individuals don’t get elected but the popular and unqualified persons, all tanx to our constitution which provides School leaving certificate (WAEC) as the required qualification.

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