Nigerian Law School QUIZ (1)

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This Quiz covers Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Corporate Law Practice, Property Law Practice, and Ethics

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How many Nigerian Law School(s) do we have in Nigeria


The body that issues Qualifying Certificate is called


The body that issues call to bar certificate is called


The body that issues stamps to Lawyers is called 


Where the accused sits or stands in court during his trial is called 


The accused takes his plea after the _____________ is read to him


Capital offences are offences that attract


“I was not there when the offence was committed” is termed as 


Civil action can be commenced with any of the following 


Who serves court processes in civil suits


Who pays the judgement sum


Which is not part of the frontloaded documents 


The seller in a sales of land agreement is called


A will is a document that must be signed by a Lawyer 


When a person dies leaving a will, it is termed that he died 


The head of Corporate Affairs Commission is known as 


Which body is in charge of the registration of Incorporated Trustee


who can be accredited with Corporate Affairs Commission


Which of the following is a relevant regulatory institution on corporate transactions


First step to take during registration of business name is


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  1. The NLS Quiz is good but the questions can look confusing at times, only that one needs to be extra-careful not to go for a wrong answer.

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